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Founded by those who care about the science behind beauty.

Dr Michelle Wong, Co-Founder
Science Educator/Communicator & Chemist

Michelle is the founder of Lab Muffin Beauty Science, where she has been explaining the science behind beauty products for a general audience since 2011. The Lab Muffin website receives 2 million page views per year, and has an Instagram following of 457,000 and a YouTube audience of 427,000 (as of August 2023).

Through her science education work, Michelle has partnered with many brands on campaigns, including L’Oreal and P&G, and delivered an invited talk at the APAC Trusted Media Summit. Her work has been featured in international publications including The New York Times, ABC News, Elle, The Atlantic, Chemistry & Engineering News and Cosmetics & Toiletries.

She also works as a product development and science communication consultant, and was formerly the head of chemistry at Matrix Education.

Michelle holds a bachelor of advanced science (Honours Class 1 with university medal), a PhD in chemistry (medicinal and supramolecular chemistry) and a diploma of cosmetic formulation.

Jen Novakovich, Co-Founder
Science Communicator & Cosmetic Scientist

Jen is the founder of The Eco Well, a science communication platform that [shares the latest cosmetic science for people in the cosmetic science sector (info type and target audience)] and cosmetic science consulting company.

She’s interviewed hundreds of scientists from diverse fields for The Eco Well, regularly moderates industry panel events, and has launched several larger-scale scicomm conferences.

She works as a consultant, where she helps companies with product development and claims substantiation. She currently serves on the NextGen Advisory Committee with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, as well as the Supply Chain and Sustainability Resource and Government and Relations advisory committees by the Independent Beauty Association.

Jen holds two bachelors of science degrees, a diploma in formulation chemistry, a master’s in environmental science, and a graduate certificate in the Policy and Science of Climate Change with a focus on policy that impacts the cosmetics sector.

Omar Adam Husain, Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer

Omar is a cloud entrepreneur and management consultant with global experience leading teams across multiple industries including IT Consulting, Financial Services, Media Production, Education and Retail. 

He has an expert level knowledge in business IT solutions focusing on management, development, and implementation. 

He is also the founder and creator of multiple technology startups and has collaborated with international incubators in advising with their accelerator programs. 

Omar holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Computing from the University of Tasmania.

Dr Annika Lagut
Science Writer

Annika has accumulated 7 years of research experience on different topics in materials science. She holds a PhD in materials science and a diploma in cosmetic science from the UK SCS. She has been active in the beauty science communication space online since 2019.

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