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Recommended experts for commentary on beauty stories


Simone Swafford, PhD – CEO at Vogue Regulatory
Specialization – Regulatory

Kerry Tassopoulos – Of Counsel and a corporate, regulatory and compliance attorney with Platt Cheema Richmond PLLC
Specialisation – Regulatory, Legal

Meredith Petillo – · Senior Director Technical & Regulatory Affairs at Independent Beauty Association
Specialisation – Regulatory, Indie Beauty Challenges

Craig Weiss – co-CEO and President at Consumer Product Testing
Specialisation – Regulatory, Safety and Efficacy Testing. 

Carys Smith – Regulatory Information Officer at CTPA
Specialisation – EU/UK Regulatory

Cosmetic Safety and Sciences

Mojgan Moddaresi, PhD – EU/UK Safety Assessor at Personal Care Regulatory
Specialisation – safety, toxicology, EU regulations

Fred Lebreux, PhD – CEO and Toxicologist at Biorius
Specialisation – safety, toxicology, EU regulations, chemical management

Tony Simion, PhD – Toxicologist and Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy Cosmetic Sciences program.
Specialisation – safety, toxicology, regulations, chemical management

Jay Gooch, PhD – Toxicologist
Specialisation – safety, toxicology

Ricardo Diez, PhD – Cosmetic Chemist and Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University Masters of Cosmetic Science program.
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, chemical management

Valerie George – Cosmetic Chemist and Science Communicator. Owner of Simply Ingredients and Co-Host of the Beauty Brains Podcast.
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, hair care, hair color, science communication, regulations

Perry Romanowski – Cosmetic Chemist and Science Communicator. Co-Host of the Beauty Brains Podcast, previous president of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, science communication, regulations

Mindy Goldstein, PhD – Cosmetic Chemist, co-chair of the INCI nomenclature committee, previous president of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, ingredient innovation, regulations

Akemi Ooka, PhD. – Head of Global Supply Chain Resources at Independent Beauty Association.
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, supply chain, sustainability issues/regulations.

Gabriella Baki, PhD – Head of the Cosmetic Sciences program at University of Toledo. 
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, claims substantiation, formulation innovation.

Aegean Chan, MD – Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist
Specialisation – dermatology

Michelle Wong, PhD – Chemist and Science Communicator, founder of Lab Muffin Beauty Science and Beauty Sci-Comm Group
Specialisation – medicinal and supramolecular chemistry, science communication, misinformation, consumer trends, cosmetic chemistry, sunscreen.

Jen Novakovich – Cosmetic Scientist and science communicator, founder of The Eco Well and Beauty Sci-Comm Group
Specialisation – cosmetic chemistry, science communication, sustainability.

Science Communication

Jonathan Jarry – McGill Office for Science and Society, and Body of Evidence podcast
Specialisation – Health and Pseudoscience

Jessica Stokes-Parish, PhD – Simulation & Education, Nursing, Science Communications
Specialisation – Health, Nursing and Education

Tim Caulfield – Professor of health law and science policy, author, speaker, and TV host
Specialisation – Health Policy

Rohin Francis, MD – Medlife Crisis
Specialisation – Cardiology and Medicine

Vanessa Hill – Braincraft
Specialisation – Psychology 

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