Beauty Science Camp 2023


Beauty Science Camp Poster

What it is

Our first Beauty Science Camp is online!

This was a free virtual event for anyone who’s ever been interested in the science behind beauty products. Chemists, dermatologists, toxicologists and regulators took us through the basics of cosmetic science and regulation (full program below).

Hope you enjoy watching the replay!

How to register

Registration is closed as the event is now over but you can watch the replay with the link below:

Replay Link!

When was it

5 November 2023

  • 8:30 am – 12 noon Eastern Time
  • 2:30 pm – 6 pm Central European Time


  • Chemistry – Michelle Wong (Lab Muffin Beauty Science)
  • Hair – Crystal Porter (Mane Insights)
  • Sustainability – Jen Novakovich (The Eco Well)
  • Formulation and Ingredients – Gabriella Baki (University of Toledo)
  • Toxicology – Pushpa Rao (ANR RegTox consulting)
  • Sunscreens – Ulrich Issberner (BASF)
  • Ingredient Lists – Mindy Goldstein (Mindy S. Goldstein, Ph.D. Consulting)
  • Regulations and Claims – Simone Swafford (Vogue Regulatory)
  • Preservatives – Aysel Calkap (Clariant)
  • Skin – Mara P Evangelista-Huber (Dermomtology)
  • Closing Panel: Mark Strom (Dermarkologist), Michelle Wong (Lab Muffin Beauty Science), Jen Novakovich (The Eco Well), Akemi Ooka (Independent Beauty Association)

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible!